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All material is provided in one box. M.A.D. Nails are HIGH QUALITY sets and easy to apply. All rhinestones and 3D charms are glued on and gel sealed firmly. They can stay about 1-2 weeks each time when used. They are also REUSABLE as long as you take care of them properly.

How to apply: Remove nails from box. Clean natural nails with alcohol swab & use cuticle stick to push back cuticles, then buff your natural nail.. Measure press-ons to your natural nail size. Cut/File sides of natural nails if needed to fit press-ons properly Nail Glue: Use one small drop at the top of press on nail or in the middle of natural nail. Remember 1 small drop goes a long way! To remove soak fingers in warm water, after submerged for a few minutes you will be able to pop them off and save for later. If gel residue is still on natural nail, use buffer to buff away.Nail tape: Remove sticker from sheet and apply directly to press on. To remove just pop off, remove old tape & save nails for later.

*Always make sure hands are straight, be mindful not to soak hands in oils and lotions. This will loosen gril and cause them not to stick. Cuticle oil is a great last step for all removals.*